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Unforgivable: Eliza is an adventure game featuring a true historical event, Assassination Attempt of Chiang Ching-Kuo in New York City in 1970. In this game, you will represent a young NYPD, looking for clues in the REAL city with LBS and AR system. This is essentially a real-life adventure game. 
I was in responsible for the system design of this project, merging the narrative with LBS and AR system into a fun and engaging game.
Design Process


LBS & ar

Instead of playing as an avatar, playing like a real living

Question: What will motivate players to step outdoor for this game?

This question is simple but extremely critical. LBS cannot be called as a game if players are not willing to walk on the street. We did a lot of research on how players play Pokemon Go and we had some conclusions.

Fit to the theme perfectly

Time limit elements

Cluster Effect

One Page Design

With the One-Page design document, the concept could be efficiently conveyed to the other team. In the further production process, there are even more like this in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. 

What I learned

Although I only participated in the early stage of this project, I learned how to design a good layout under specific constraints. In addition, I understood the importance of having a solid but flexible design structure in the early stage. It will give the project a clear way to move forward and will always have room for future designers to show their insight. 

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