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Recently I am checking game companies in Japan and I found that Nintendo has an interesting requirement for their game designer application, Opp-Design Document for a Zelda game. Opp-Design Document means that giving the game and you need to figure out what its original design document looks like. I believe it is a good way to sharpen my skill so I decided to try one on my own.
In the beginning, I have a strong belief that a good design document has to be understood by multiple people from multiple areas. No matter he/she is a game designer, artist, programmer, your boss, or even a random people on the street, he/she should know what the game is about in a reasonable level. In this case, I believe the most important people that I hope them to understand are, people who work for Nintendo.
After having a clear mindset, I started to find anything that may help to better how Nintendian(?) works. I later found an interview for the Director of most the Zelda series, XXXXXX. In the interview, it shows some actual document for previous Zelda series. This is what I am looking for.
Having a great reference, I believe I am ready to find a part to start writing the document. The questions are "How big I want and what I want to express?". I opened my Breath of the Wild and think about these question for a while. I totally understand that I could never have all the world inside the document, otherwise, it will probably be a thousand pages dictionary. I tried to think about the moment I enjoyed the most and the first thing came to my brain was Divine Beast. 
Yes! This is the scope I expect. It is an unforgettable experience with a decent length of time. This is it! There are four options for me, I randomly picked the bird one.
Now I am making the outline for the document. 
Design Process

Define Design Principle





We listed out all the ideas that came across, listed them down, used notepad to spread the ideas out, linked relative elements together, then chose the combination we thought best possibly worked.   


After we had a draft idea, we started to use different materials to see which will be the best fit. It is a short process, however, the decision will lead the outcome tremendously. Based on the idea and the theme of the novel, we ended up choosing Grid Tiles with Poker as the core material in the game.

Heuristics Evaluating

List out all the ideas that come across, list them down, and using notepad to spread the ideas out.

Goal : Visibility of System Status.

Q : Did you notice it was a 60-Second hourglass timer?


Made adjustment based on the result of Heuristics Evaluating.

A/B Testing

List out all the ideas that come across, list them down, and using notepad to spread the ideas out.

Timer at 30 secs

Timer at 45 secs

Timer at 60 secs

Timer at 45 secs


Made adjustment based on the result of A/B Testing.


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