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Metro Romance is a Date Simulation game with LBS and AR system, featuring the famous KRT Characters. In this game, you will travel through Kaohsiung Rapid Transit, using LBS and AR to find the characters, then find out the stories behind them. In addition, while playing the game, you will also travel to all famous tourist attractions of Kaohsiung, one of the oldest city of Taiwan. ​
Due to the tremendous success, Metro Romance further extended to MRT Taipei and Canal City, Fukuoka. They both have their unique scenarios featuring their own iconic tourist attractions.
Design Process

A deep understanding of the Narrative

I started with doing research for the world building and characters' behavior, having a quick sense of who I am facing at and what I can do for them. 



Quick Questions

The research of the narrative will lead us to 2 major questions, What and Where. After break down the possible answers, we could then connect the relevant pieces together. The outcome will give us a strong sense on where it should be in the real world.

What s/he gonna do?




Where s/he gonna go?





Quest Design

The Quest Design in Metro Romance is critical. I designed them in the form of Vertical and Horizontal. Vertical refers to direct relevant, which mean the quest on the top should be finished first for the purpose of unlocking the bottom one. On the other hand, Horizontal, refers to hints between each quest at the same level, helping players to have a smooth quest solving process. 











A/B Testing

Due to the nature of LBS game, it is a tremendous difference for player between the store at the exact the player is and 100 meters away. We did a several A/B Testing to get a better sense of what type of place is the best fit to our game. 

At the station

50 AF station

At the station

100M AF station

Heuristics Evaluating

List out all the ideas that come across, list them down, and using notepad to spread the ideas out.

Goal: Match between system and the real world

Q: Did you feel you were talking to a real human being?

What I learned

This project is my first commercial mobile project which I involved in from the very first concept design, the production process, to the actual product. I realized that as a designer, I have the responsibility to be the center of the communication. I have to keep all the team on the same page so that the team will understand what we are heading to. It also helps the team works tightly and efficiently so the team could adapt any unexpected situation if needed.

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